Micaela’s Family Recipes

Classic sheet pan pizza
Classic Sheet Pan Pizza Recipe – Pizza in Teglia (VIDEO)
This is the recipe for homemade classic sheet pan pizza handed down over the years in my family. You'll never want to stop making this high and fluffy sheet pan ...
No-bake Panettone Cassata Cake
No-bake Panettone Cassata Cake, Panettone with ricotta cream (VIDEO)
No-bake Panettone Cassata cake, the quick and easy recipe to use leftover Christmas Panettone or Easter Colomba. Make Pandoro or Panettone at home takes a long time. But if you ...
Beef and Eggplant Flan
Beef and Eggplant Flan (VIDEO)
This beef and eggplant flan is a typical recipe from Southern Italy, where eggplants are used in many delicious recipes. Grilled eggplant, ground beef, pecorino cheese, and eggs can be ...